Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog Chain

This is for the Blog chain of March 2011 for the AW forum. I hope I did this right! Enjoy.

 Ana My Love:

Lady Ana Carmichael has everything. She has the beauty, smarts and refreshing nature that draws people in. She also has a secret that could make her lose everything.

 She is unique and special. Very independent and shuns the confines of convention. Facing her ex fiance for the first time in two years, she doesn't back down to the challenge thrown at her. When knocked down, she gets back up swinging.

 Crossing the Bridge of Autism

Hunter Maddux is a little boy learning his way in the world. He is a munchkin butt with a tendency to charm many hearts.

He is special for being my little boy, and also because he has Autism. We love him no less.This is our story that we share with thousands of other children with the same disorder.  


  1. Hey, I think you were meant to put in an excerpt from your story(ies) about each character. But either way, they sound like cool characters :)

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