Monday, February 21, 2011

New Book!

Ana, My Love

Lady Ana Carmicheal had no idea that she had just stumbled into Jake Trent, The Duke of Ashbury. She was too much in a hurry to hide. Jake Trent, Duke of Ashbury looked at the woman in his arms that he rescued and knew that she was the one.It was love at first sight. After a whirlwind courtship and engagement Ana walked away from the relationship without any explanation or excuse, leaving Jake reeling from the blow.
Two years later on a darken  city street, the Duke rescues the lady again opening up old wounds and new feelings. After being pushed together by scheming friends and family and then having several threatening events happen, Jake knew that he still loved Ana, only he has to convince her that she feels the same.
When Ana reveals the truth as to why she left him in the first place Jake has to decide which is more important. The dukedom and his responsibilities or Ana, the woman he loves.

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